Hosting your business website / email

So what is hosting anyway ?

Hosting is a service which provides you with processor, memory and network resources needed for your website to “show” something when it is requested. The same applies to email – so you can receive and send transactional emails. Keep in mind, marketing emails are strictly forbidden! The domain ( – merely reserves you the name and does not carry hosting services.

What we offer?

  • Rock solid datacenter-distributed infrastructure – even if datacenter or ISP goes down (it may event be days) – your business is still full reachable.
  • Up to date infrastructure with current protocols and practices.
  • Non-stop realtime streaming backups – not just night + weekend.
  • Constantly monitored requests – majority of anomalous requests are handled server-side before even making any real damage to your website.
  • Fullstack team work system: email, calendar, tasks, address book. And all that reachable with only one account setup for Exchange (EAS) protocol.
  • Always secure servers: we  provide up-to-date server software AND protocols. If you need deprecated or weak protocols even if temporary – it won’t work. No exceptions.
  • Up-to-date website transfer protocols: HTTP/2, SPDY, NPN, ALPN
  • Wide range of PHP, PERL, Python, GO engines and their versions.
  • Hardened request filter IF you allow it. This allows us to reduce website defacing / hacking risks [as practice shows] even if you are receiving directed attacks. We will only need some extra information about your websites framework.